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Sinclair Scientific is the world leader in providing the cannabis and life sciences industries with innovative process technologies. Through its portfolio of top brands, Sinclair provides the most comprehensive and diverse solution of lab processing equipment in order to fulfill all of our customer’s needs. A full-service firm, Sinclair is rooted in the principles of constantly providing new and innovative technologies while maintaining intimate customer relationships.


Research & Development

Our team of industry-leading scientists drive innovation through their extensive industry knowledge and rigorous experimentation.


Equipment Technology

World-renowned equipment for quality, safety and premier extracts in order to give our clients a competitive advantage.


Facility & Lab Design

Our team of highly-qualified architects, designers & engineers are at the forefront of cannabis extraction facility and lab design.


Strategic Solutions

Technology solutions aren’t one sized fits all. We evaluate our clients needs and provide the perfect solution through our extensive portfolio of products.



More than suppliers, our multi-functional teams work with our clients to design integrated system capable of achieving their business goals.



Built on service, our brands are committed to providing white-glove customer support, including tech support, on-site training & maintenance.

Sinclair Scientific Mission


Our mission at Sinclair Scientific is to continuously evolve the science of extraction by developing cutting-edge technology and end-to-end service solutions for cannabis extraction and post-processing.

Building A Nationwide Footprint

Whether it is showcase facilities, sales offices, manufacturing or warehousing operations, Sinclair Scientific has a base of operations near our valued customers.

Sinclair Scientific Offices

Award-Winning Brands

To build fast and grow a business, our clients need more than just a supplier - they need a partner. At their core, our businesses are built on serving our customers first and providing the most innovative and full-service solutions available.

Precision Extraction Solutions

Precision Extraction Solutions is the leader in extraction technology, equipment, training and facility planning.

Cascade Sciences

Cascade Sciences is the pinnacle of ancillary extraction technology and life science goods.

Sinclair Scientific

Our portfolio of companies have been in the extraction and life sciences industries a long time and we work tirelessly to be the professional’s choice when it comes to service and technology – just ask some of our industry-leading clients.

Press & Social

We are always honored to be recognized by some of the most popular publications in our industry, and we will continue to share our knowledge and insights to those enthusiasts that follow us everyday. @precisionextraction @cascadesciences

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